My Stories

I’ve walked with the Lord many years now. If you’re just starting out with him, may these true stories encourage you in your walk. Sometimes it can get rough, but you will look back later and be amazed at his faithfulness.

The Stories…

Some of the stories are quite long, chapter length. Others are shorter. I’m entertaining the idea of someday
putting them together in a book. For now, I’m happy with this as it is. My hope is that they will bless you.

Thrown Out Of The Nest
My identity in life was Bob’s wife and I was happy with that. But the Lord had something else in mind.

The Potter
“Please make me like him,” I prayed.

How My Internet Ministry Began
It started with a Smiley and grew to 3 web sites.

My Israel Story
The Lord began drawing me to Israel 3 years before I actually went.

My Loaves And Fish Story
I was so discouraged. I’d been blogging for a long time with nothing to show for it.

Angels In Atlanta
My mother told me never to take a flight with a stop in Atlanta.

More to come…


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