The Bible’s King David went through some horrendous trials in his life. He often found himself fleeing for his very life.

How did he endure and keep his faith intact? In one of the  psalms he said that he would review in his mind the many instances of the Lord’s direct intervention in his life, saving him, providing for him, and meditating on the reality of God’s sovereignty, he encouraged himself to put his trust in the Lord.

This is a story that has helped me tremendously in my walk with the Lord. As I find myself in ever-increasing trials so severe that I’ve wondered how I’d survive, I’ve decided to do as King David did, and remember the times in my life when God directly intervened so suddenly and unexpectedly. Meditating on those stories gives me the foundation I need in order to put my trust in the Lord in the dark times. He is sovereign. He intervenes sometimes; but at other times he expects us to trust him in the storms, knowing that HE is in control of everything and that when he does not intervene, it means that this circumstance is needed for my growth. 

I’ve created this site to post my stories as I remember them. And I know that in posting them, I will be greatly encouraged as I realize God’s direct presence in our lives and his great trustworthiness.