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I've walked along Emaus Road for more than 30 years now. This blog will share about those I've met and what I've gleaned.

Introduction To My ‘But God’ Stories

This section was prompted by a broadcast I heard by Ravi Zacharias. He made the wondeful suggestion to take a look at our “God” stories, and see how the Lord brought each one about. He began by telling some of his own stories, how “this couldn’t have happened unless that happened first,” story after story. 

It’s good to review the major stories of one’s life, because we often forget all the Lord had to to in order to bring each story about. 

Take the time to review your stories. You will surprise yourself as you consider just how present and active God has been in your life. Then write the stories down and share them. He deserves to have his wondrous deeds made known.