The Check

Feb 1976

We had a large loan payment due, which was to be paid with the Savings Plan check due at the same time. On the day we expected the check it didn’t arrive. Nor the next day. I was very upset because we had signed a note to pay up the loan with chat check, and the payment date was almost here.

Jim Bakker was broadcasting PTL from Florida. He had a “Word of Knowledge” that “someone out there is upset about a check which hasn’t come.” !!!!! and that it would come within 24 hours. I was so excited. Even Van called me to see if I had heard that, because she also knew it was for me.

But it didn’t come the next day, and I got down on my knees and begged God to show me why. Later, my husband said that the Scripture that came to him is that we know in part and prophecy in part. He said that Jim heard correctly but giving a time frame was obviously “in the flesh.” Sure enough, the check came the next day.

Conclusion: The Lord had meant to comfort me and assure me the check would come, but at the same time teach me to be careful about receiving prophecy.

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