My First Airplane Flight

July 1976

Kansas City

I went along with Elie and Van and some others to a Christian conference in Kansas City. This was the first time I had the thrill of flying on a large plane, which had been a desire of my heart from my early teen years. I was so thrilled I could hardly contain myself.

This was a chartered flight and we were assigned seats. When I went to my seat, I found that I had been assigned an aisle seat. What a bitter disappointment! I said to the Lord, “You provided this wonderful trip for me, and you could have provided a window seat too. You know, many people don’t care about that, and you know how very much it means to me. I don’t understand.”

The answer was, “Stop complaining and praise me.” So I got ahold of myself, and forced myself to praise him, thinking he must have a reason for me to sit here.

And then, when I was praising him, the pilot came over the loudspeaker and said, “Now that you’re all seated and accounted for, if anyone would like to change seats, you may.” And there was Elie, sitting many rows behind me, waving and calling out, “Paula, I have a window seat, do you want it?!!!”

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