Inner Healing

June 29, 1976 Inner Healing

Elie and Van came over to pray for me. They came against morbidity. I began to hear a wailing from deep within me, a long wailing crying. Several days previously, while listening to a tape on inner healing, I had felt something inside want to cry. At the time, it wouldn’t, but I continued to feel that urge to cry. Now, the wailing went on inside. A baby’s crying, then screeching with violent jumping around inside me.

Then it became a baby’s lonely whimpering. Then I “saw” Jesus rocking me, out on an open porch. I was content, carefree. It was quite emotionless. I was laying in his arms playing normally as a child would. It was natural. The scene sitting in his lap and playing nearby, jumping rope then going for a hug, a kiss, then playing again. I was clean. In a dress, hair neatly combed. There was no yearning for love. It was all so natural, so comfortable.

Comment: We are strongly cautioned against trying to make something like this happen. Dabbling in efforts to do so are tantamount to fooling around with the area of the “psychic” and is forbidden. When it’s God, it just happens with no effort on our part, and almost always unexpectedly.

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