October 16, 2012

It was the last night here before my sister was to return to California. She, my daughter, her daughter and I had gathered for the specific purpose of intercessory prayer. We had a nice meal, then we cleared the table off and began to pray.

We were talking about the battle between the spirit and the flesh, namely, the discouragement and fears that come over us, and how to have victory over them. We spoke of the mentality of the apostle Paul, how this human man could get to the place where he could sing praises to God while in suffering. He had been beaten, bloodied, bound in chains, and put in a damp and dark dungeon, but was heard at night singing praises to God. How can a human being rise to such a strength of conviction and trust and love that would enable one to sing praises in the midst of such suffering? But they did! And when they did, God answered with an EARTHQUAKE and the prison doors were opened. And the story ended with the jailer and his entire family being saved — because of the obedience of Paul and Silas.

The Lord was SO present during our conversation and in our prayers! Then suddenly, Cindy looked up and said, “we’re having an EARTHQUAKE!!!” And sure enough, we were. Strong enough to be felt all the way from Maine to Boston.

Suzannah’s husband texted her asking if our prayers caused the earthquake! He also told her that at the moment of the earthquake, he was reading in the Scriptures. That was unusual, because it wasn’t his usual Bible-reading time of day, so he was joined with us in our prayers.

This earthquake happened at the very time we were discussing the story about Paul and Silas singing praise to God at midnight. We knew that this was a response from the Lord, God’s answer to us, that He will move heaven and earth in answer to praise and worship in the context of suffering. He will open prison doors. And people will be saved.

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