Chris And His Noise

August 31, 2006August 31, 2006

In the spring of 2005, knowing Julee was selling her house and that we were going to move to Averill Condominiums, I anticipated what it might be like to live in a building housing 44 units. Being overly sensitive to noise, I went to the Lord with my concern and asked Him to sovereignly oversee who would move in next door to us. 

As it turned out, two young men moved in. And one of them, Chris, got started right away with a lot of noise. He’d get out his guitar and sing loudly, and all I could think of was that he sounded like a cayote howling at the moon. He also used some other kind of instrumental thing, I don’t know what it was, some electronic thing that was very loud.

I called the condo management and asked them to please contact Jacob who owned the condo, and tell them there is a noise ordinance here, and ask him to make the noise stop. Later on I had to call again, and again. Finally, management told us all that if there are any disputes between neighbors, we’d have to see to it ourselves. I was horrified. I don’t have an ounce of confrontation in me. After one of their parties, I forced myself to tell Jacob the noise was unbearable. But I just couldn’t confront him again.

So I went to the Lord.

After a lot of prayer and consideration, I began to command in the spirit that the noise stop. I confronted Satan himself and told him I REFUSE to be harrassed by him. And from then on, every time Chris started up with his noise, I commanded the noise to stop, AND I commanded Chris to leave this building and go find another place to live! “I ban you from this building,” I said, with all my heart. Each time I did this, the noise stopped usually within 5 minutes, and interestingly, Chris would leave the building, get in his van and drive off.
This whole scenario played out many times over the next months.

The saga concerning Chris and his noise went on, bringing me almost to the point of madness. Time and time again I came against that spirit bent on harassing me, and every single time the noise stopped within about 5 minutes, and most of the time Chris again left the building, got in his van, and drove off. It was hard for me to believe this was actually working.  I wasn’t used to this, and only did it because I was driven to a point beyond what I could endure, which made me so angry that from that I got the energy to come against it.

One night, Sherry came over after work. After a few minutes, Chris -who I had noticed was home less and less – came home. He entered his condo and immediately the noise began. I stopped what I was doing and came against it right there in front of Sherry — and it stopped within 5 minutes. I had been trying to convince Sherry to use this authority we have against things she has told me about, which seemed to originate in the Satanic realm. She was very hesitant to do this. But when the noise stopped, she was awed – how on earth would it just stop like that, so soon?  Anyway, she got up and went home.

She wasn’t gone 5 minutes, but the noise started up again, something that had never happened before. I felt my blood pressure rise and my body tighten. I came against that spirit trying to harass me, but nothing happened. I did it again. Nothing happened. ???  Then the noise grew louder, and louder, seeming to surround the whole condo. Never, EVER, had it been like this before. I couldn’t believe it. I felt trapped. It wasn’t working. What could I do? I felt so helpless. Suddenly, the Scripture came to my mind about the demon that Jesus had cast out of a child. As it left the child, the child convulsed. And I’ve heard of this before — that when a demon leaves, it oftentimes leaves with great flurry. Could it be? Could he be about to leave?????

A couple days later I saw movement out the window, and when I went to look, I saw Chris with his SUV backed up to the condo.  HE WAS MOVING OUT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

As I sit before the Lord and consider all this, I realize that this story began back on Prospect Street before we moved to this condo. I had prayed SO specifically, asking the Lord to sovereignly oversee whoever would move in next to me, because of my over-sensitivity to noise. How many times have I remembered that, and wondered why the Lord allowed Chris to move in. Now I know. It was a huge lesson.


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