Suddenly And Unexpectedly

1962 – If Jeanie hadn’t come over … but she did and because it was her asking, I was given the OK to go with her on Saturday nights to the roller rink.

1962 -He came. HE approached ME. So suddenly. So unexpectedly.

1973 – “I have some news. You’d better sit down.” We moved to Maine on the anniversary of our life together, August 25.

1974 – Elie and Van. Born Again!

1975 – Yellow kitchen and vacant lot.

197? – I’m not ready to move yet. All three jobs fell through.

1982 – I knew I had to go to work. CETA was provided for me when I had no other way.

1982 – “Forced” to computer school. I had no idea this would change my entire life.

1983 – My first job was gotten FOR me!

198? – Discovered the papers he took from me.

1984 – Hospitalization: The car’s license plate: “God is in control.” This would make me free years later to pursue my ministry.

198?  – Mum “just happened” to see a small ad for a job at a travel agency, to do the exact job I had done at Day’s.

198? – Job at Poulin’s. I studied Hebrew and   Poulin was saved. Later her husband also was baptized.

1990 – Trip to California. Met Marcia who said I should BE in Israel. Laurie. The money. Jan Willem.

1991 – Moved to Jerusalem. Was provided with computer job. Didn’t know they had computers.

1992 – Simon. HE approached ME. Suddenly and unexpectedly.

1994 – Returned to Jerusalem, to the very same job, very same desk.

1994 – Provided with single apartment. Everyone else had to double up.

1998 – Passover. Directed to go home. Suddenly and unexpectedly. Spent the last night in the same apartment, same bed as when I first arrived in 1991. Roses galore!

2002 – Dec -went to spend a year and a half in California. Didn’t know why. Now I know why. Received there what I probably wouldn’t have been able to receive here. Plus, had Cindy’s help.

2004 – May -Came to live in Julee’s house. Once again, I’ve been provided the means to live in a house alone. The Lord had to go before me and get Julee to buy this house, then made it available to ME.

2004 – Yuval and Libah. Suddenly and unexpectedly.

2007 – Got this apartment. The best one.                 

200? – Prayer group forms on my birthday.



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