Deliverance – I Saw It Leave

Nov 1976

There is a spirit, a demon, which I won’t name, which had been in me since early childhood at least. No, it’s NOT a homosexual spirit. I had grown up with this thing and though I knew I was “different” from other people, I had long since accepted it. I had never told anyone of this except my husband.

One Sunday in November, I read in the Sunday newspaper a story of someone who had this same spirit, although they didn’t call it “a spirit.” I was shocked! Because I had thought I was the only person who had such a thing, or, who was “this way.” As I read this newspaper article, I somehow came under the conviction that what was in me might be evil, a thought that had never occurred to me before.

In addition during this time the Lord had called me to make a change in my lifestyle that would oppose this spirit. I obeyed the Lord’s direction although my heart wasn’t in it. Of course, now I know that my heart COULDN’T have been in it because I was in total bondage to this spirit.

In response to my obedience, a life-changing deliverance took place. I noticed that that the feelings and attitudes that that spirit produces were suddenly gone, and in place of them the feelings and attitudes of a person healthy in this area were suddenly, and for the first time in all my life present within me.

This was (and still is) mind-boggling. I could hardly believe it.

On a Sunday morning during this time, I was glorifying God, telling my husband  in exceeding joy and amazement that this incredible thing had happened, that God had set me free from this spirit which I had had all my life and gave me the mind of a person healthy in this area, which I had never experienced before. As I praised God and glorified him for such a wonderful deliverance, I suddenly “saw” what looked like an Arab, dressed all in black, get out of a box and walk away. I never saw its face. But as I watched, it walked away from me, on and on until it was gone.

Comment: I am copying this in March of 1990. And this I have to say. From that day, I have never been bothered by that spirit again. My feelings and attitudes in this area remain healthy, and I enjoy them immensely. I am deeply grateful, because without Christ I would to this day be in captivity to that horrible spirit.

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